Sunday 25 July at 11:30am
Tickets £12 (conc. £8)

The Flodden Flag

Alex McCartney, Lute

The original family seat of the Home family was Wedderburn Castle, and the Flodden Flag that can be seen at Paxton House was used to wrap the bodies of the Sir David Home, 3rd Baron of Wedderburn, and his son George after the Scottish defeat at Flodden in1513. The family experienced turbulent times in the 15th and 16th centuries – every first son died either in battle or as a prisoner of the English from 1413 to 1576 – but Scottish lutenist Alex McCartney presents a beautiful programme of airs and dances by composers such as John Dowland, Anthony Holborne and Philip van Wilder that evokes happier times.

“A consummate lutenist. –BBC Radio 3 In Tune